Sock sizing systems have not changed much since the era of the “one-size-fits-all” tube socks. Our research shows that with this sizing, women and men with either small or large feet are unable to find properly fitting socks. On smaller feet, excess sock material “bunches up” in the shoe. On larger sized feet, the socks were too tight. Improperly fitting socks can be uncomfortable and cause blisters. If you purchase socks that do not fit properly, you’ll pay for them at the cash register and every time you wear them.

With our True Fit sizing system, we eliminate “one-size-fits-all”, or what should be named “one-size-fits-some” sizing used by other sock manufacturers. Other sock manufacturers include the length of five full shoe sizes into each of their socks size groupings (see chart below). Drymax True Fit Sizing includes the length of two shoe sizes, therefore Drymax Socks fit up to three full shoe sizes better than other manufacturers’ socks.

Size Markers

Drymax socks are available in 5 sizes. There is 5/8 of an inch difference in length between each size so each sock is coded using a color size-marker (S, M, L, XL, XXL). Sorting after laundering is much easier with our system.

3d fit

Drymax socks conform better to the shape of the foot because they were developed on special 3D anatomically shaped foot models. In addition, we use the very best stretch fiber we could find to best match the 3D shape of the foot.


Competitor's Sock
As you can see, or have probably felt, if you have small feet, most of your socks bunch up. This happens because other manufacturers include too many shoe sizes into their size groupings. They expect one size sock to fit everyone. 
Drymax Sock
Drymax socks fit properly. They won't bunch up!