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I bought the drymax socks from you at the EXPO Center in Nashville, TN for the Music City Marathon this past weekend. In my 4 months of training, I used regular cotton socks and my feet sweat and formed blisters. For Race Day, I used my new socks and loved every step. I should have bought these socks long before as the made a tremendous difference! Thanks for helping make my 1st Race experience great. At the end of the race, I peeled off my shoes and socks....and my feet were ok! It was a wonderful feeling.

Keep selling your fabulous product. I'm a fan for life now!


I have ran many, many full and half marathons and I always have blisters after each race. I've tried different expensive sports socks but I still got blisters. I found your booth at the Expo for the 2007 LA Marathon and bought 3 pairs of DryMax socks, thinking these would be another failed attempt. I wore a pair of the DryMax for the race the next morning. The temperature during the race was so hot. It must be about 85F at noon. The LAFD had to turn the fire hydrants along the route to shower heads to cool down the runners. I ran through those water showers when I saw one. When I was drenching wet, the water ran down my leg and into my feet. "Oh no! Oh no! Not my socks! I am going to get big blisters with those wet socks" I totally forgot that I had DryMax socks on. After a few more showers and water puddles, my feet were really soaking wet and I was ready to accept the fact that I was going to have blisters. Maybe even more blisters than previous races. After the marathon, I was really surprised that I had no blisters at all. The first time in all my races that I had no blisters, even after all of those showers. The DryMax sock must have dried out my feet after each shower. Thank you, DryMax. Now you know what socks I will wear to races. Keep selling your fabulous product. I'm a fan for life now!
PL – Costa Mesa, CA

I have tried your socks based on reviews and absolutely adore them for working out. Your slogan couldn't be more accurate. thanks again for a superb product :-)
TK - Pittsburgh, PA

We call them Happy Socks...because they make your feet feel real happy. We can't keep the supply up. Athletes, coaches and staff love these socks.
FV - Head Equipment Manager

I am a Marine Corps Drill Instructor. I got my first pair of drymax socks at the expo at the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego in 2006, and loved them. I then found out that drymax makes boot socks. In my current job, I'm on my feet 120 hours a week. I never get blisters or wet feet when I wear the drymax socks, and despite the long hours of use, they have lasted longer than any other socks I've tried. No matter if it's the running socks or the boot socks, my feet feel dry and blister free. I recommend them for everyone.
Parris Island, SC

I purchased your socks last year at the Marine Corps marathon and they are by far the best sock I have found yet. I have not had any blisters on my feet since using your socks. Problem is I now need more socks.
TW - Canada

Just wanted to let you know that I recieved the socks in time for the L.A Marathon.... Drymax socks got me through the entire 26.2 miles. What a " Great Experience", Great comfort and my feet came through without a hitch.. This was my first marathon. Thanks again, wishing you nothing but success with this product...

On comfort alone, the Drymax socks are the best I have ever put on, but the moisture management capabilities put these socks over the top. My players and coaches love them!
KM - Iowa

Our field has a reputation of always being cold and wet, so our coaches use your Drymax socks to keep their feet warm & dry. Your socks really work! Also, their construction makes them more comfortable and after being washed they bounce back better than other socks. Drymax Socks are great.
KL - Equipment Manager

I wanted to let you know that I love the socks. I went biking and then running today and I still have them on and they are totally dry. They are sooooooooooo great. I usually get so cold when my feet get sweaty and wet, thank you so much.
KL – Santa Cruz, CA

The past two seasons we have chosen Drymax for our game and practice socks. Drymax socks have eliminated the blister problems we were having with previous socks, and the arch support is unrivaled. We highly recommend the Drymax socks, and we believe you will be as pleased with the performance as we have been.
TC & BP - Athletic Equipment Room

I finally found your web site. This January my daughter, Amy and I were in Florida for the Disney World Marathon. We had a wonderful run and even though your socks were new to us we still wore them in the race. They were just WONDERFUL! I would like to purchase more...
CM - Kennebunk, ME

As to date I have ran 26 marathons in the past 6 years and have NEVER ran without getting blisters! I have tried numerous styles of running shoes and socks, and blister proof band-aids, gels, etc. Absolutely nothing had worked! I happened to pass your booth at the Chicago Marathon and decided to try the socks that were being demonstrated in water and for the first time in my running career I had ABSOLUTELY NO BLISTERS after the marathon. In fact, at mile 17 I kept wondering why I was not feeling anything yet (such as a blister) and remembered that I had the Drymax socks on! Everyone that I run with knows of my blister dilemma.....now they all want Drymax socks too! Thanks for making a good day even better!
KS - Elizabethtown, KY

I saw these socks at a Boston marathon expo, and my sister was telling me how great they were, so I decided to try them. We have been getting RAIN, rain and more rain the last week but it turns out I now love running in the rain, who'da thunk? These socks are amazing. My whole body feels drenched, but my feet still feel dry! I think I'll call them my "magic socks" from now on. Absolutely love them. Do you happen to make a thinner version at all? I'd like to have something like that biking too but my bike shoes are a snug fit and won't accomodate these socks.

Drymax crew socks are the preferred socks of our women's basketball team. They are not satisfied with any other. The custom fit and dry comfort are very popular with our ladies.
LH - Head Equipment Manager

For years I have suffered from acute symptoms of Athlete’s Foot and stubborn foot odor, and nothing brought relief. I tried a comfortable pair of Drymax Socks, and haven’t had any sign of itchiness or odor. My feet stay dry all day, and I’m not embarrassed to remove my shoes and socks in public! Thanks Drymax!
DA – Los Angeles, CA

I was at the Boston Marathon as a spectator and saw a Drymax sock demonstration at the expo. It was impressive, and the price was right that day, so I got three pair. The comfort they have provided has actually turned annoying, as I don't want to wear another type of sock and these are not right at my local running store.

Our athletes like Drymax Socks because they prevent blisters i.e. foot problems which enhance performance.
JF - Head Equipment Manager

I’m writing to let you know that since I have found “Drymax Socks” my son’s eczema is almost cured and it’s because of the socks. Since February of this year, my son, Michael (eight years old) has been suffering from a bad case of eczema on the bottom of his feet. He is an active hockey player and sometimes he’s on the ice three hours at a time. When he gets off the ice his feet are soaked from sweating and his feet look like he’s been soaking in water for hours. After they dry, you can peel the skin off his feet. I’ve tried numerous prescription creams with no results. In August, just days before he went to hockey camp I purchased some Drymax Socks. The very first day, he wore the socks; I couldn’t believe the results. The outsides of the socks were wet but when I felt the inside they were dry. Not only that, his feet were completely dry. We’ve had the socks for one month and his feet are almost totally clear of eczema.
SF – Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I started participating in triathlons about 5 years ago (mostly sprint distances). A couple years ago I decided to train for an Ironman (endurance/long distance training) and the blisters on my feet were sooooo bad, I didn't think I would be able to compete as the training was so painful. I went to a couple orthopedists, spent hundred of dollars on custom-made orthotics, and tried every type of "blister proof" sock on the market. Several feet experts commented that my blisters were the "worst" they had ever seen. Last fall, I participated in the VA Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and discovered your socks. I bought them assuming they would end up in the drawer of "failed tries" just like the others...but to my amazement, I have now endured a marathon and am currently training for another Ironman...running exclusively with Dry Max socks...and have NOT had ONE blister!!!!!! Thank you for proving me wrong and for allowing me to train pain free. I owe that level of comfort your wonderful product!!!!

We used Drymax Socks this past season and had tremendous success with this product. The comfort, fit and durability of the sock is spectacular.
RW – Equipment Manager

I wore your Drymax socks these past two days (two 12 hour days) and I have to say that they passed the test with flying colors. I can't say that I'm running back and forth on a basketball court, but I'm jumping in and out of a truck close to 100 times a day and tackling who know how many stairs, and not in some fancy-schmancy athletic shoe but in some big 'ol steel toe boots. Awesome product!!! Thanks again.
BT - Delivery Driver

I give you and your company approval to let all of the runners out there in runners land know that your product is true and keeps your feet dry and blister free.
AR - Los Angeles, CA

I LOVE Drymax socks and will never wear anything else. With one full marathon (finally) and several half marathons completed and all the training that goes with it, I have never had one blister!! I LOVE my Drymax socks.....they are worth every penny you spend on them!
LM - Tennessee

This is the first year that my teams have worn the Drymax sock and they love them. More important, I love them. The sock keeps the kids' feet dry and they look as good at the end of the season as the day they were issued.
RM - Head Trainer

I recently wore a pair of your socks for an adventure race and was truly impressed with how well they held up. The race had me going in and out of water, mud, dirt, and sand, all the while running, biking and kayaking, with other physical challenges thrown in. While doing this same race last year I wore a new pair of bicycling socks that developed a large hole in the toe by the end of the race. The Drymax Socks however not only held up to all the grit and grind of various elements but showed little-to-no wear and tear afterward. I have now found a superior sock to use with all my activities and will spread the word about Drymax. Thank you again for your gifts and for making quality merchandise.
TD - California

I just completed the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon this past weekend. I trained in your socks and did the race in your socks-they came through and saved my feet. Since it's a march, training was on your feet moving for 6 hours 3 to 4 times prior to the event. Then the race is on your feet moving for 8 hours or less (we were less as a team) with no issues. Thanks for making the sale!

I wanted to give you an AAR (After Action Review) of the socks I used when at Officer Candidate School for the USMC. To start, I ordered the black boot socks that I got through Zappos.com and they were a life saver. I'm usually very prone to blisters and while at OCS on our hikes (ranging from 6-12 miles with full gear) I didn't get a single blister. I used mole skin to be safe, but either way I was shocked! When we would pass through a large body of water, my feet felt dry the whole time and my friends kept asking me what socks I was wearing when their feet got torn up with blisters. So overall you're socks are the best I've ever used and way better then thorlos or foxriver which has too much cotton in them to stay dry and with my experience gave me blisters anyway. You're socks live up to the name and I thank you for it! If it can last the whole time at a place like OCS and through the washer that many times after getting dirty, then they can last during anything. They also worked perfectly and made my feet feel dry and comfortable during PT and even just walking. I am looking forward to getting my hands on that military boot sock when it's done and you've made a life long customer. I appreciate everything you guys did for me! Semper Fi!
2nd. LT Jeff Newman USMC

I have found these to be the most comfortable and enduring socks I have ever purchased. I tried Wright and Thoro and others but none of these ever came close to being as comfortable while doing the job of preventing blisters and protecting my feet. They maintained their shape and flexibility and also laundered well. Whereas Wright double layer socks did prevent the blisters they were prone to shrinkage with washings and became uncomfortable with wear but not so with your socks.
GM – Germantown, PA

Since I started running in 2005, it's been an uphill battle between me and blistered feet. I was one to get blisters from running a 5K and when I increased my mileage training for and running ultras, I would just get more severe blisters. I have tried many different preventative treatments such as tape, lubricants, shoes, and the list goes on. After the dropping from the Mohican 100 Mile race due to severe blistering, I have been using lambs wool and toe spacers with the Wright Socks I have been wearing, but after receiving my first pair of Drymax sports socks for Christmas, then getting my multi-sock shipment from Drymax I have been able to eliminate the lambs wool component from my footwear altogether. I still use the foam toe spacers just because, genetically, a couple of my toes rub together regardless. The Drymax sports socks have really been able to keep my foot dry and reduce the friction so I have not been getting the blisters I used to. I highly recommend anyone with blister issues to give Drymax socks a shot. What have you got to lose?
BG - Bartlett, IL

My husband bought me a pair of these socks at the Boston marathon expo on Sunday. I fell in love with them and wore them in Monday's marathon. They were wonderful.

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