Tips for More Comfort

Dirty Shoes Become Clogged
Foot odor is often caused by shoe odor (bacteria growing in the shoes). Over time, shoe linings become clogged with ground-in dirt, sweat, sweat salts, body oils, foot sprays, and powders. Heat and moisture can no longer effectively escape.


Clean Shoes Breathe Better
If you periodically clean your athletic shoes inside & outside they will breathe better and will move and evaporate moisture better than a dirty shoe. This will tend to keep feet cooler, drier and less prone to odors and blisters.

 Hot/Cold Feet

Proper Sock Fit Is Important
Wearing socks that fit properly is, of course, important. However, putting them on correctly is just as important. This is often not done. Putting socks on incorrectly can lead to blisters and discomfort. After pulling socks on, take a moment to make sure that they are aligned properly, with no wrinkling or bunching. The toe seam should run across the top of the middle of the toes, and the “Y” shaped heel seam should bisect the radius of the heel (see drawings at the left).

 Proper Sock Fit

Trimming Toenails
To prevent ingrown or blackened toenails, hangnails, and premature sock wear, trim toenails regularly, (approximately every one to two weeks). Cut nails straight across so the edges do not grow into the surrounding skin. After trimming, file to remove any rough edges.

 Properly Trimmed Toenails

Care Instructions For Drymax Socks
Never use chlorine bleach with Drymax or other socks or articles of clothing that contain Lycra® or Spandex (stretch fibers). Chlorine bleach will attack the stretch fibers, causing them to lose their elasticity. Use non-chlorine bleach, or a detergent with a bleach alternative. The use of chlorine bleach will also render Silver or Copper antimicrobials useless.

Care Instructions
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